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1 point

I agree. The amazon rainforest is amazing, and it needs to be saved along with other rainforests. It would be sad if the rainforest became a desert.

2 points

I can see your point, and it seems reasonable. Still, I can't switch sides, because I believe that rainforest should be saved even after reading your response. Progress is moving to fast and we're destroying more then the rainforest, at the rate we're going I really think we're only heading for destruction and trouble. It's nice to have thing easy, but we really need to keep track of how fast we're destroying the thing we have limited access to. We need to think about the future, if we keep on destroying the rainforests, there will be a lot of things that will be lost forever, even if we regrow the forests. Nothing ever goes back to what it was, everything once destroyed can never return to what it was. We can try to fix it all we want, but it will never be the same.

1 point

I agree with you, but I think that all the rain forests that are left should be saved, not just the Amazon rainforest.

1 point

I agree and I also liked the way you worded your response. Everything is connected to each other in someway.

1 point

I agree, we need to save the rainforest. The rainforest does provide us humans with many things and they are all somewhat important.

1 point

I agree that terrorist threats are a constant worry in the USA, however I disagree about closing our borders. Many immigrants come here seeking a better life and they don't cause us much harm. Many people have suggested we should do a background check on immigrants so we know what they are like. We could do that or something else. Either way I think our borders should remain open. Most immigrants try to help this country. Also someone else mentioned that if we were to close our borders, wouldn't other countries do the same to us. If that happened how would we be able to trade with those countries and communicate with them?

1 point

I disagree. Some immigrants do have disease, but they can get vaccinated so that the disease they carry doesn't spread. Also not many immigrants actually get into drug trade or gangs. Many of the immigrants actually try to have a better life here, and try to help our country out as much as they can.

2 points

Yes we should save the rainforests. They provide the whole world with oxygen. Certain plants that grow in the rainforest also help cure disses. The animals there also are important for this world. All animals have certain contributes to the world that only they can provide, so all the animals in the rainforest are important. The diverse plant life is especially needed, new species of plants that could be found in the rainforest, might of use for us humans. There was once a rumor about the cure for cancer being found in the rainforest, but the tree that had the cure for it had been cut down when the scientists who'd discovered it returned. That shows that we really do need to protect the rainforests and let them grow.

1 point

I agree that we have always been known for our divers culture, and that if we stopped letting immigrants come we'd stop being such a divers country. I also think that immigrants that attend our schools do help with the scores we receive as a whole.

1 point

I agree with all you've said. We should be willing to allow immigrants to come into the US. Everyone wants to have a good life, and America is one place where you are allowed to pursue that. I agree that America has done many bad things, and that banning people because we are afraid that they'll do bad things isn't right. Everyone should be given a chance to spend their life in America. If they decide to disobey the law, then they should face the punishments, but until they do something wrong, they should be allowed to live here. So we should allow immigrants to come.

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