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RSS Marmunira

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1 point

I agree with you. Rainforest are very important and that it is essential for life. Also that without trees that this world would be desert waste land.

1 point

I totally agree with you. Rainforest are very important and that it is inaction for life. It provides biodiversity and it contains many, many cure.

2 points

Rainforest must be saved because rainforest provides most of our oxygen in the world. Just form the Amazon rainforest it provides 20% of our oxygen. If we don't save it, in the future it will be a desert waste land. Without enough oxygen people wouldn't live for long. So the dream about living until 80, well... forget it. Also with enough out oxygen our body wouldn't function properly. Do you ever remember the feeling after working out too much? Well... you are going to feel that way for 24/7.

2 points

I strongly believe that immigrants should be allowed into America because the United States is known for it's divers cultures and better life all over the world, and who are we to stop that now? If immigrants didn't come to USA we wouldn't be known for the most diverse country in the world.. Even from the old days people came to “America” for better life. No one stopped them then, so why should we now? Also, in school record it shows 97% of the immigrants pass their class with a passing grade or higher. Immigrants does the job that a native-born American wouldn't do. Because of that I really believe that immigrants should be allowed into America.

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