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RSS Ramadorg

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Although I don't believe rainforests need to be saved, I don't believe they have to be cut completely down either. Some areas of rainforests should be preserved and kept safe in order to keep certain species alive, but it would be most helpful to cut down trees in order to help our economy. Many things are created from trees, so we need them in order to make our homes. The iron in the rainforests helps make our things too. Some places in the world have almost no plants or trees growing, so we can help by trading with them. After a certain place is cut down, we can try regrowing trees, and although it will take time, we'll have to try. We may like the rainforests, but that's because we never had to live in them. People want them cut down in order to make life easier. Rainforests aren't just pretty, they are harmful too. Diseases and dangerous animals are in the forests. People live in these forests and die every day, so if we cut them down, we could help create new healthy shelters for them. Roads can be built in order to make traveling easier, and it would be a much safer and healthier place to live in.

A thing we could do to keep trees alive is instead of building places wider, we can build them taller, and we can plant more trees in plains.

2 points

I believe everyone should be allowed in the US. The United States was started because of the belief that people controlled the government, and was a place to stay safe from a government that's run by fear. Not allowing immigration would be leaving all those who want a better life away from it. It isn't correct to keep people out of a country, because the Earth is for everyone to live in. It isn't correct to judge people by the decisions others have made, because we are all different. It isn't correct to keep people away from happiness, safety, and freedom, because we are all human. Keeping people out of the country would be taking away two important inalienable rights, the right for liberty, and the right for the pursuit of happiness. Banning people out of the US is like saying Americans have never done anything bad, but horrible things like slavery, the Salem witch trials, the Columbine shooting, the Ku Klux Klan, and many more things prove that Americans aren't the most perfect people in the world. Everyone in the world is human, everyone in the world makes mistakes, so everyone in the world deserves the right to be allowed in the US.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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