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SAVE the rainforests! We need to save the rainforest because the rainforests are important to earth. The rainforest give us oxygen the humans need to survive. It is also filled with many animals and plants that could be important to save us. It has many medicines that have not been discovered yet. The rain forest supports so much life and if we don't save it alot of animals might die and might become extinct. We need to SAVE the rainforest.

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The reason I think that there should be imigrants is because America is known for our diversity. I think that its ok to have immigrants as long as the have no criminal records and they are legal. The government should make sure to get their physicals to make sure they aren't intoxicated, are not drug addicts and have no contagious diseases. A criminal background should be done to make sure they aren't terrorists. We have to chek there back ground information.

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