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I think that the Amazon Rain forest should be preserved . They have plenty of different animals that live there and call it their home . You can't just take someones home away from them , especially if thats the only home they know . No , matter how much money you can make from destroying them its just not right . Animals , have a say too . We should understand that that's someone's home and it belongs to them . We wouldn't want anyone to do that to us .

-Jasmine J

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We should defitnely keep out immigrants . They're taking all of our jobs . Some of them are causing problems in American Cities . From , the recent behavior we've saw from immigrants have not been well . They try to continue to harm America , when America is trying to help . I just think that , if their going to continue trying to hurt our country we shouldn't help them even though its the Godly thing to do . But , we can't keep putting ourself at risks to help others .

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